Understanding the Art of Effective and Authentic Selling | Troy Elmore

June 30, 2020

Episode Summary

Troy Elmore is a Managing Partner of Sandler Training's Houston office. He has spent almost 30 years of understanding the science and art of authentic selling - 17 years in sales training and 10 in sales leadership. Troy considers his position in Sandler Training as his calling where he gets to make a difference with small and medium businesses, especially those that normally neglect sales training and development.

Episode Note

Today we sit down with someone who shares my obsession with understanding the science and art of effective and authentic selling. Selling is a practice that most businesses do, but few do it with sincerity and by spending the least amount of resources for the best results. We plunge into the complicated world of selling, going into common mistakes that small businesses make in selling and how it feels like to save other companies when you're trying to stay afloat yourself.

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