Episode Summary

Jeff Applegate is a builder of innovative products for the best companies in the world. He loves what he does and does what he loves. He also enjoys helping others succeed. Jeff believes that joy and satisfaction come through trusted relationships with employees, customers, and vendor partners.

Episode Note

One of the biggest stereotypes that remain popular even today is that businesses are all about making a profit. Joining me on the podcast today is my friend Jeff Applegate, who believes that even though making a profit is important, the key to business success lies in creating a culture that empowers people and places a premium on building trust and relationships with both employees and customers. Believe it or not, even a plastics manufacturing company can be purpose-driven to the point where the people are just as excited as you are about making a difference.

4:19 - Morality and integrity in the business world

18:49 - Stereotypes surrounding millennial employees

29:25 - Care about your employees - listen to them

32:14 - The role of faith in Jeff's beliefs and values

45:40 - Separating your own identity from your business

51:55 - Two types of culturally driven leaders

1:07:48 - Culture is the magic in the bottle - it is the secret sauce

1:14:58 - Jeff's passionate plea to entrepreneurs

"Recognize culture. It's not about hitting the super sales record. It's about people. And if you take care of the people, the people will take care of you and your customers - that's culture."




Production credit:

Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy
Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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