Episode Summary

Lesa is an EOS Implementer who started her career with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, where she created her own curriculum to help staff members transition from terminals to personal computers. She went on to work for Stewart Enterprises in the Death Care Industry, first as an office manager for a Fort Worth funeral home, and then as a cemetery manager for a Pearland funeral home.

Episode Note

Today, I sit down with Lesa, a fellow EOS Implementer, as we go over what it feels like being on the frontlines during the ongoing COVID pandemic and trying to help businesses survive and stay in control. We ponder over the surprisingly good things that have come out of this crisis and how it has pushed companies to be better versions of their current selves and things we wish companies would keep doing when we slowly go back to normalcy.

1:27 What we learned about ourselves during the COVID crisis

07:19 You cannot over-communicate in a crisis

16:35 - Company core values become battle-tested during a crisis

19:47 - People default to their default when things become tough

24:08 - Having the right people in the right seat makes a big difference

28:57 - As a leader, sometimes you have to be the bad guy for the greater good

34:35 - People can get strapped in the now, they don't see what the future is like

41:21 - Don't just try to be efficient, be human as well.

46:42 - You get more authenticity when you pair good news with a sense of struggle

1:02:14 - The Reverse Accountability Chart as a tool for businesses who are struggling with sustainability

1:09:32 - Our role as coaches in helping teams make hard decisions and move forward

1:13:21 - How do coaches raise their game? How do they raise the bar?




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Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy
Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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