Is Entrepreneurship the Right Next Step For You If Your Cheese Got Moved? | Harry Brelsford

March 3, 2021

Episode Summary

Harry Brelsford has had 20 years of SMB technology experience with numerous technological certifications to his credit. This led him to found his company SMB Nation in 1999, which is currently a 49,000-strong community of small and medium business technology professionals dedicated to providing information technology solutions. His prolific academic experience started with his MBA in Project Management from the University of Denver, all the way to becoming an adjunct professor, and then later on, as a Dean at the Graduate School of Aspen in Technology. His passion for his craft has led him to becoming an in-demand speaker at industry events, publishing hundreds of articles about business and technology, and launching books like “The Pocket MBA”. To this day, Harry remains an active entrepreneur and is the force behind XPmigrations.com and his latest startup, 420MSP.

Episode Note

The global pandemic has forced a lot of us to innovate at a more rapid pace. While this is true for all businesses across different industries, pivoting has never been more apparent for ultra-small businesses trying to survive, or people dipping their toes into entrepreneurship for the first time after an unfortunate retrenchment. But is working for yourself really the right next step if your cheese got moved? Today, I am joined by SMB Nation founder, Harry Brelsford to talk about the concept of Finders, Minders, and Grinders, the business lifecycle, and his Pocket MBA book.

6:07 How this recession has its own unique characteristics unlike any other

8:27 Understanding the finder, the minder, and the grinder

12:17 Harry talks about the different personality tests to assess your career or business fit

14:16 Go with your domain expertise

22:10 Don’t get too comfortable

25:29 Harry talks about delving into the hands-on side of entrepreneurship in his book: The Pocket MBA

34:29 Harry’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

"Let’s innovate our way out of this one."




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