Zuzana Dobro

August 18, 2020

Episode Summary

Zuzana Dobro is the founder of The WHO Method. Zuzana is a former communist kid who left the Eastern Bloc with £200 in her pocket to pursue her passion for design. Zuzana helps entrepreneurs and small business owners gain clarity and reach alignment with their dream customer.

Episode Note

A lot of entrepreneurs neglect the importance of creating their dream customer profile when they start their business. Zuzana, the developer of the WHO method, explains the importance of maintaining customer relations and gives us insight on how we can determine who exactly is our dream customer and how to attract these ideal customers into our business.

4:36 - How a restless traveler like Zuzana is handling the COVID world

7:44 - Zuzana's past as a kid in communist Czechoslovakia and how she dared to dream

15:47 - Zuzana's time in Microsoft

21:34 - When Zuzana realized that corporate life wasn't for her

31:48 - How travelling gave her insight into human behavior

37:30 - A lot of entrepreneurs and business leaders neglect the importance of creating a customer profile

43:39 - Communicating and staying in touch with your clients and customers is even more important during difficult situations like COVID

51:33 - There's nothing wrong with inviting your customer into your creative workshop

1:04:50 - How the ability to sense the emotions of the customer/buyer can help you get to the truth

1:24:35 - Sometimes, what people think they want is different from what they actually need

1:34:06 - Zuzana's passionate plea to entrepreneurs

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