What Does An Integrator-Visionary Relationship Really Look Like From the POV of an Integrator? | Melissa Bushman

August 18, 2021

Episode Summary

Melissa Bushman loves working with small businesses and having the ability to impact the growth of an organization and its teams. This stems from her personal belief in bridging the gaps and providing opportunities to people. All of these have led her to where she is today as an Integrator for Altruvista, which is a firm that specializes in helping business owners capture their wealth by integrating plans and advisor teams. Apart from her professional endeavors, she’s also a wife (14 years), a mom to twin girls going into their 5th grade, a Girl Scout Leader (#TroopAwesome), and an avid sports fan of the Texans, Aggies, and Astros.

Episode Note

There’s a misconception about Integrators being a cold-blooded machine that crushes souls and great ideas. But the truth is, tough people care too and they probably just want you to get where you want to be in your business by saying ‘no’. In today’s episode, we get into the nuts and bolts of the Integrator-Visionary relationship from Melissa Bushman, who is an Integrator herself, what it’s really like to be in an Integrator seat, and the importance of clarity breaks, same page meetings, and yes, self-care.

3:16 You get the best out of people if you truly care about them.

7:31 Being in the Integrator seat is about making really hard decisions to further your impact on people’s lives.

12:15 Diving into the DNA of an integrator

24:24 Melissa opens up about struggling with delegation and how she deals with it.

29:59 Integrators need a clarity break too (one without an agenda)

37:51 Learning how to say no

41:30 Self-care is not just about pedicures or spa days, it’s about outright taking care of yourself.

47:36 The importance of same page meetings between Visionaries and Integrators

55:36 Melissa’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

“If you have an Integrator, tell them that you love and appreciate them.”




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Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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