How Finding Your Purpose In Entrepreneurship Leads to Happiness and Success | Ted Bradshaw

February 17, 2021

Episode Summary

Ted Bradshaw is an advocate for living the best life. His career spanning over 20 years is a testament to this—from his days being an executive with giants like Xerox and IBM, to acquiring an unprofitable company that he eventually turned into a healthy business. His body of work as an entrepreneur is an impressive feat too. For instance, he has dabbled in diverse pursuits, like an education software business that was the first of its kind in North America, a video game company in partnership with The National Hockey League, and a medical isotope firm. Today, you will find him in his sweet spot, helping leaders lead purpose-driven lives through what he calls Essential Symmetry. He does this through his speaking engagements as a Certified EOS Implementer slash Community Leader worldwide.

Episode Note

Can success and happiness ever coexist in the same plane? As an entrepreneur, have you ever found yourself in the thick of success, but not feeling happy anyway? There seems to be that ever prevailing gap between the two concepts, but it’s not impossible to achieve both. Today, I am joined by Certified EOS Implementer and fellow entrepreneur Ted Bradshaw, as he shares the secrets to finding your purpose, aligning your life and business, and living your best life while doing so.  

2:53 What the entrepreneurial journey looks like - from the beginning to the end

12:05 How the disconnect of your definition of success to your partners’ can lead to bumps along the way

15:44 How hitting rock bottom and getting out of that dark place differs for different people

22:11 Dissatisfaction arises when you identify a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

26:39 Ted paints a picture of essential symmetry, and how it can help us with prioritization that could lead to a harmonious life

32:04 Start with understanding what your purpose is. 

39:15 To reach the top of your game, you need three things: a strong passion, a great work ethic, and talent.

44:37 If we can really find what truly is our purpose, not only are we going to be a more successful entrepreneur, we are likely to come out of the other side with relationships intact. 

53:05 How to find your “why”

59:39 When entrepreneurs are in their sweet spot, that’s where they can get the maximum impact. 

1:10:26 The expanded definition of entrepreneurship

1:23:13 Ted’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

"Ask yourself why you're doing what you're doing. "




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