Passion for Electricity | Jesson Bradshaw

September 29, 2021

Episode Summary

Jesson Bradshaw is the CEO of Energy Ogre, an electricity management company that uses proprietary systems to ensure its customers are always getting the best prices on their energy electricity. Energy Ogre has helped over 100,000 Texans save up to 40% on their electricity bills, over $150M since its founding.  Jesson hopes to bring attention to Texas’s deregulated electricity industry by discussing topics such as renewable energy, future technologies, and consumer services.

Episode Note

One of the biggest challenges for any CEO or business owner is to create a culture. It can be a full time job in and of itself. After all, you’re dealing with people who are also dealing with people. Different personalities, temperaments and backgrounds all come into play. So how does one navigate those choppy waters? It has to start at the top…. 

3:45 Sure, I made $$$ for the company, but what good did I do for the Universe?

4:32 Going from “Deal” business to “Operational” business

5:40 The jarring shift to an Operational Business mindset

6:58 How to adapt the culture 

9:55 The importance of core values and beliefs

13:45 What gets Jesson out of bed

15:25 People are overwhelmed with choices, sometimes they need suggestions from a Pro

16:35 The paradox of choice vs. options

24:10 How Jesson knows when he has the right employee

29:10 Jesson’s Dynegy story about shifting to the next generation of the right team

33:35 MARK: An MBA does not determine entrepreneurial talent

38:02  The most important aspects of Jesson’s leadership team

39:31 MARK: A legacy business doesn’t just solve yesterday and today’s problems, it evolves into solving tomorrow’s problems

55:43 MARK: Shutting down a culture by not being open to feedback from your team




“Shift your mind and you’ll shift your results.”







Jesson Bradshaw:


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Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy

Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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