Matt Gilbert

March 1, 2020

Episode Summary

Anyway, about your religion... We talk about the whole life of an entrepreneur and how it all fits together.

Episode Note

We touch on so many topics in this episode, it's hard to list them all. We talk about what it is to know yourself well enough to get comfortable being bold and proud of our beliefs. How to be a leader, businessperson, parent, spiritual person, and fit it all together in a way that actually works. We talk about how to pass these these lessons on to or family and we talk extensively about what it is to focus our energy on what is most important and how we learn to say 'no'. And most interestingly, we talk about how something as simple as a $2 bill can change how you interact with everyone you meet.

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MATT: www.GaP-Advisors.com | MGilbert@GaP-Advisors.com | Twitter: DadGilbert

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Engineering / Post-Production: Leo Medley
Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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