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Margo Talbot is a mental fitness coach and the author of "All That Glitters", where she talks about overcoming addiction and depression through ice climbing.

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Margo Talbot is a mental fitness coach and the author of "All That Glitters", where she talks about overcoming addiction and depression through ice climbing. She is currently a sponsored climber, with expeditions to the South Pole and Antarctica’s tallest peak. Mt. Vinson under her belt.

She helps organizations enhance their well-being by focusing on restoring vitality to the workplace. She is the creator of “The Vitality Spectrum”, a process for both recovery and optimal mental health. Her mission is to help you Maximize your Mental Wellness by boosting your energy, enhancing your vitality, and reclaiming your mental mojo.

As an EOS Implementer, one of my main responsibilities and to ensure the health of the organization, and that is affected heavily by the emotional and mental health of its leadership team. And as a Mental Fitness coach, Margo Talbot knows how important it is to be mentally tough, especially during difficult situations similar to what the entire world is undergoing right now. Today we talk about her past struggles and how it has helped her become the resilient and flexible person that she is today, and how she's now using her experiences to help other people become more prepared to face difficulties and pliant to change.

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