Kathryn Jackson

July 14, 2020

Episode Summary

Kathryn is a bit obsessed with understanding how to build confidence, achieve career success and grow resilience. She has had to learn this fast, working as a high-performance coach in the post-earthquake rebuild environment of Christchurch, New Zealand. Her role as a translator between academic researchers and senior leaders resulted in the Double Finalist book, Resilience at Work. These days, she plays a leading role in exploring how to grow stronger workplaces and healthier teams.

Episode Note

The need for resilient leadership teams and stronger workplaces has never been more important as it is now. Because of the pandemic and the oil crisis, the temptation to break down, put your business on hold and hibernate until the craziness has passed is great. But you know what? We should take events like these as a challenge to grow, improve, and strengthen our businesses.

Kathryn gives us all an important lesson on how to build resilience especially in trying times. That it's not about making hard decisions at lightning speed, nor is it about finding extremely unique ways to solve your current problems. It's about dialing up our humanity, by being present and taking notice of what's going on around us and what's going on in the lives of the people in our business.

Extracted from Kathryn Jackson's book, "Resilience at Work" this worksheet can help business leaders choose the right words to motivate, encourage and empathize with their employees. Download the worksheet here.

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