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Jolie is a director and co-founder of Hummingly - supporting people and organizations to do well through pressure and uncertainty. Over the years, we have gathered the wisdom and insights from over 100 crisis leaders and thousands of people affected by disaster and disruption to create products and masterclasses that equip people and organizations to do well in tough times.

Jolie has a Masters in Cognitive Psychology and is a leading psychosocial expert in disaster and disruption. Jolie has studied how the mind works under prolonged pressure, how we make decisions and how our reactions and behaviors are impacted by stress. Jolie is a survivor of the Christ church earthquake and has lived disaster recovery with her family first-hand. She developed services and training to help her fellow citizens for the Red Cross, local government and academia. Jolie is a Winston Churchill fellowship recipient, a Leadership New Zealand alumni, an Edmund Hillary Fellow and the co-author of Leading in Disaster Recovery: A Companion through the Chaos.

Episode Note

Today, we are joined by Jolie Wills, one of the brains behind the Doing Well and Pandemic Pack deck cards, as well as other helpful tools and resources that aim to help people undergoing crisis and extreme stress. She shares several stories from crisis leaders and experts whose insights helped create the card decks and even shares with us her personal experience brush with disaster, which ultimately shaped her ideals and thoughts about how people react and cope when they're taken out of their comfort zones for a particularly long period of time.

3:34 - Jolie recalls the disaster that changed her life

10:42 - Resilience doesn't always mean bouncing back - it can mean crawling and clawing your forward.

21:29 - Teams that raised their standards because of the pandemic are finding that they're capable of so much more.

27:37 - The learning zone is the sweet spot just outside your comfort zone where you are most productive

38:22 - As a leader, are you leading your team to burnout and poor performance?

49:43 -  How Jolie came up with her card decks for well-being

55:35  - How the different card decks work

1:04:12 - Use the cards to reflect on your actions, or as a tool to come up with goals

1:12:31 - The cards can be used to manage strong emotions caused by stress or keep them in check.

1:13:39 - People have a default defense mechanism when they're out of their comfort zone for a long time.

1:26:27 - Jolie's passionate plea to entrepreneurs right now.

"Think about a plan to sustain the leadership - you just can't get there without a plan in place because it drops off. So get really intentional. And be okay with asking for that support and help and having a plan in place for yourself."

If you want to know more, please download a copy of "Why invest in Wellbeing?" and "A Plug and Play Wellbeing Activity Guide for Leaders" for free.




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