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A North Carolina native, John Snyder graduated with a Biology degree in 1999 from Duke and then took a job at Net Friends as an IT Support Specialist for what was supposed to be a year break of fixing computers in research labs at Duke before going to grad school. As time quickly passed, work at Net Friends was enjoyable and challenging, allowing John to turn IT work into a career.

After requesting and gaining an ownership stake in the company by 2009, the next decade was full of major lessons to learn as Net Friends grew from 16 employees to 47 in less than 4 years, then bounced around that level and in various iterations of the business until he began to build the business with real vision and intention from 2016 onward, discovering Traction and EOS in late 2018. Net Friends is currently over 50 staff, actively hiring, and poised for significant growth despite the pandemic.

Episode Note

The most common setup for EOS-run companies is to have the owner take the Visionary seat. But what happens when the Owner is a natural Integrator and there's nobody else to take the Visionary role? That's the situation John Snyder found himself in. In today's episode, John talks about how it's like being a reluctant Visionary. Is the role starting to grow on him, and how does a natural Integrator find the perfect Integrator for himself so he can let go and embrace the Visionary side of things?

5:34 - John's experience with working for a company without focus and without a vision.

19:49 - John discovers EOS and things start to fall into place.

26:11 - John, a natural Integrator, struggles to fit into the Visionary role

35:30 - John is confident that his business can survive the pandemic thanks to EOS

46:03 - Visionaries feel guilty about loving the job too much

52:37 - John craves for the inspiration and motivation that a Visionary provides

1:02:02 - While being a reluctant Visionary, John feels like he can let go of the Integrator role after he found Colin, his perfect Integrator.

1:09:22 - Mark and John discuss scorecard mechanics

1:17:47 - John's passionate plea for entrepreneurs.

"I know we're focused on the business, I know we're focused on profits and growth, and culture and all those different things. But don't forget about the real problems and challenges some of the folks are having, and make sure that you have an environment where those can come out, surface and be discussed, and it's not stigmatized."




Production credit:

Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy
Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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