Jeff Hoffman

April 28, 2020

Episode Summary

Need to get fired up about the future or your business? Do you want to help during this difficult time but don't know how? This one is for you. Jeff Hoffman, a wildly successful entrepreneur, author and producer, shares why and how entrepreneurs can and will save the world through giving, creating, and taking care of people.

Episode Note

Jeff is an award-winning global entrepreneur, former CEO of public and private companies, worldwide motivational speaker, bestselling author, Hollywood film producer, producer of a Grammy winning jazz album, and executive producer of an Emmy Award winning television show. And if you weren't familiar with all that work, Jeff Hoffman has been a founder and major part of starting companies you definitely know including Priceline.com/Booking.com, uBid.com and more.

7:15 - What if I don't know how my company can give right now?

15:25 - Why we are even better now than in peacetime.

17:02 - Entrepreneurs will save the world and here's why.

26:23 - What if you feel like you don't have any resources to work with?

32:17 - When you just don't feel optimistic.

36:01 - Jeff's business runs out of money and how they responded

45:40 - Getting to the heart of the matter about Core Values and culture. Why a people centered culture is deceptively hard to create.  

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