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Emily Morgan is the CEO and Visionary of Delegate, a company focused on providing strategic workforce options to entrepreneurs to help them grow more efficiently and effectively. With an innate heart for supporting others, Emily’s mission has always been to create freedom for people to do what they love and have a big impact. This was born out of her desire to carve a meaningful professional work from home set-up so that she could be available to raise her young son. As a champion for remote work, she has also been featured in Forbes as a Top 50 Remote Employer.

These days, she speaks all over the country on delegation, automation, remote workforces, and flexwork culture— topics she holds dear to her heart. In her free time, you can also find her serving locally on her township’s Economic Development Board, out on the trails riding her bike, meditating, reading, or practicing her hobbyist interior design skills around her home.

Episode Note

Being too busy is a habit most of us would easily fall under the trap of. As an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a business leader, the things to do on your plate seem to feel like a never-ending task. But are you filling your time with high-value activities, or just complaining about being busy all the time? In today’s episode, I have a chat with Emily Morgan on the power of delegation, the challenges that go along with it, and how EOS can help you get your metrics and systems in place. 

4:26 Delegation is an energy management system

8:32 How to work through the Delegate and Elevate tool of EOS

16:19 Emily gives an overview of the five bottleneck behaviors of entrepreneurs from her e-book. Download a copy through this link: The Elevation Freedom Guide™

19:58 How to know if you need an assistant or an Integrator

28:34 Helping a dreamer get out of his stuck spot 

29:28 Emily talks more about the isolationist and cocooning

30:51 How EOS tools help eliminate a lot of fear in the business

34:05 Handling your spare time

35:22 Entrepreneurs are notorious for the hero bottleneck because we like to attribute our self-worth to being needed

43:25 Delegation is all about having systems and processes in place

47:41 Emily’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

Value your time because your time is what you’re here for. 


Know more about the Elevation Quarter™ Workshop here.  






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Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy
Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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