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A long-time entrepreneur and a deep thinker, Jeffrey helped build & sell a few companies, and is currently involved in a very exciting one now, and will continue in business ongoing. He has been delving into the deepest possible understanding of meaning and purpose for over 30 years and has come to some reasonably comfortable answers so far. Jeffrey enjoys creating big goals for exercise and has been running 100-mile ultra marathons every couple of years for the past decade. Also, he believes he will live to 120, a goal he has believed in since his early 20s.

Episode Note

What is your purpose and meaning in life? A question that many of us find abstract, scary even. But my friend Jeffrey has been obsessing over purpose and meaning for over 3 decades. Today, we deep dive into seemingly intangible concepts in hopes of making these more accessible, digestible, and concrete for everyone. If you've always wondered about your core identity and what your purpose in life is, this episode is definitely for you.

02:56 - What Jeffrey has learned about himself during the COVID19 situation

6:16 - Visionaries have become highly pressurized because of the current situation

08:55 - If your life goals overwhelm you, push them out further into the future

12:45 - There's a quiet voice inside all of us that helps us stay true to our purpose

14:55 - What problem in the world will not get solved without your involvement?  

17:35 - How Jeffrey first encountered that question

22:36 - Physical tangible things don't change; what changes is our perception of it and its value to us

27:47 - All experiences have a subjective perspective to it

31:14 - Compare down - because if yourself to people who have less than you have, you'll always feel like you have enough

34:04 - Everything we're perceiving is already colored with emotion even before we're aware of it

40:07 - When the mind stores information about our reaction to our perception of things, it gives us time to recalibrate and even change our perception of it

44:30 - Good leadership comes from confidence, which in turn comes from winning

51:20 - There's winning and there's losing - but are you winning enough?

53:02 - How we react emotionally to sensory input depends on how we define who we are

59:32 - People find enlightenment when they recognize their core identity choice

1:00:49 - We know that our rational brain is never alone - it is always accompanied by emotional coloration that is tied to our identity

1:09:10 - Jeffrey shares how it was in the beginning when he first started to wonder about his identity

1:25:39 - The essence of life is understanding a need, setting a goal and taking action towards achieving it, getting feedback on the result and improving the next iteration on that.  

1:30:23 - We are a self-perceiving system

1:42:03 - Were there people in your world who became resistant to your new sense of identity?

1:49:09 - It's about finding the right role, in the right place, that brings out the maximum in the person and the organization

1:55:34 - Jeffrey's passionate plea to entrepreneurs




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Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthy
Art / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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