Episode Summary

Mike Paton is a good buddy of mine who has shown me the ropes to the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. He first discovered EOS about a dozen years ago while trying to take a $7 million company to the next level. Feeling stuck and quite frustrated by the endeavor, his search for answers has led him to Gino Wickman and the simple holistic power of EOS. Having learned from entrepreneurs for most of his life, he quickly became an advocate and joined the Professional EOS Implementer Community®. Since then, he has been working hard to give back as an award-winning speaker, best-selling author of “Get A Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable”, certified EOS Implementer® conducting more than 1,400 full-day sessions with the leadership teams of more than 135 companies, and Global Ambassador of EOS Worldwide.

Episode Note

For today's episode, Mike Paton pleads his case on the importance of strengthening your business’ core processes, and how systemizing the day-to-day is crucial to grow and scale your company.  How about starting with EOS® and making it pay off?

7:41 Mike talks about his passion for process

13:35 Getting the predictable stuff right every time changes everything

14:51 The first step is to get the leadership team aligned on what those core processes are

21:53 Reactive versus proactive

25:25 You can’t be great at predicting when you’re not great at systemizing

30:30 A lack of clarity and alignment on processes creates people problems

36:10 How EOS® is a framework for bringing structure, clarity, and alignment first to your leadership team, and then to the rest of the organization

39:57 Mike’s passionate plea to entrepreneurs

If you’re not getting everything you want from your business or your life, make some changes to the way things are working until you get what you want.




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